Download grafik-ii2

Getting started !Edit

You're about to download AppYourName 1.0. In order to do this, please click HERE !

Once the download is complete, unpack the content of the archive in the folder of your choice.

Now, go to PFE\dist\ and launch PFE.jar.

First things first !Edit

YourAppName use the PostGreSQL technology in order to work. PostGreSQL provide you a way to create and manipulate databases. You can find it at this adress.

Create your databases using PostGreSQL and as soon as it's done, you'll be able to use our software on those databases !

You will also need the Java Runtime Environment, which can be found at this address.

If you have trouble regarding the installation of these two softwares, check our Annexes Page.

Need Help ?Edit

Download our User Guide HERE !